The Best Online Poker Rooms

The Best Online Poker RoomsAs implied in several sections above, the most basic strategy for new online poker players is “table-hopping,” a.k.a., leave when you are losing. However the following pointers also may direct you to the best games from the start.

  1. is the place for rank beginners. Here firstly you will find free games that are not too bad, as free games go. Then when you feel ready for the real thing, you can start with limits as low as 10¢.
  2. Generally prefer that your level be the lowest level. I.e., if you want to play $2 games, your chances may be better at a poker room that does not have 50¢ games. This is because, if the lowest level available is 50¢, then 50¢ tables are where the worst players are likely to go-the ones that you want to play. This leaves only the half-decent or better players at the $2 games-the ones you do not want to play. I.e., is great for 10¢-50¢ beginners and perhaps fine for seasoned $5-$10 players, but probably is not the best place for intermediate $2 games!

Beware of over-popular online poker rooms is the most popular card room on the Internet, and many players do very well there, but not I. Is there something funny going on? No, in fact I had great luck for a while at their excellent single-table tournament games, and also I suspect that their Omaha Hi-Lo and their No Limit Hold’em games can be real winners for the right players. However the unfortunate dilemma is, any card room that is so well-designed and well-run, just is bound to attract all the best players…

Boldly go where no mouse has gone before… I.e., do not be afraid to try out the new, the small, the ugly and the small online poker rooms. The very fact that these places have few players means most of these players are either good or not good. So when you stumble on a new poker room full of poor players-stick to it like glue. Just don’t get too nostalgic. As soon as you start losing, you may need to move on to another online poker room, probably the place has been “discovered” by the good players.