I haven’t posted anything in the blog for awhile so here it goes.  Currently I’m in the middle of a super busy week for me.  My band had a show yesterday and tomorrow we have another one and then I’m heading straight to Virginia for my Grandfathers memorial service.  I’ve had all that going and I still posted three comics this week.  Hopefully I can maintain that trend.  I’ve got about 4 more comics left from December and then finally I’ll be drawing comics about this year.  Hopefully before February.  Once December is done I’ll be putting my first mini comic collection together.  I’m planning on making it my best mini yet.  In the past I had always just printed pretty typical comics, nothing really special as far as the design of the book went.  I’m planning on doing this one with a few unique features and I want it to be able to stand alone as a book.  If that doesn’t make sense hopefully it will when I’m done and hopefully I can do what’s in my head.  It’ll have a few extras as well like the couple fliers I’ve done for shows and stuff like that.  I’m also planning on doing a little advertising for the site to see if we can get some more people stopping by.  I believe currently most people read the comic via facebook and twitter and tumblr and whatever but I’d like to get more people actually coming to the site so that will be my attempt at that.  That being said I have no problem with people reading it wherever and feel free to friend me on facebook and all that jazz to get updates about stuff faster.

I also wanted to say a little bit about American Elf which James Kochalka decided to end on New Years Eve.  It has been the one webcomic I have consistently read for…well I don’t know how long.  A long time.  I’ve read it before it was a webcomic, not to get all hipster on you but I think I was at the SPX the year he printed up minicomics of his first experimentation with the diary comic.  James has always been a big influence for me over the years not only in comics but in music as well and it’ll be a little strange not being able to peek into his life on a daily basis.  That being said, I completely understand why he quit and I think 14 years is a pretty impressive run.  So if I do the same Audrey will be 17 in the comics when I quit and I’ll be 46.  I’m not making a grand statement that I will draw this thing for one and a half decades but I’d sure like to try and I’d love to see the result of that body of work.  You could beat someone to death with the trade paper back of 14 years of Slackmatic.  Please don’t though, unless they’re like busting into your house and it’s the only thing in your reach.  Books are for reading not killing.  And that’s where I’ll leave you…the image of someone being bludgeoned to death by my collected works.

Ryan H.